Friday, April 6, 2007

Week 2: "Miles to go before I sleep . . ."

It is Friday night, April 6, 2007, as I type this entry while riding in the truck down US 30 near Sandusky, Ohio.  It is cold, overcast, and we have been driving a good part of the day in snow since leaving Ridgefield, New Jersey (that's always my favorite part about going to New Jersey:  leaving), on our way to Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Tonight marks two weeks on the road for us.  Over 11,000 miles and counting, some of the most beautiful scenery possible to view (my favorites from the past week:  Luray, Virginia, and the Shenandoah Valley, and all the beautiful places we were able to see out west), and getting used to life in a truck with another person.  

At times the past week, we have both heard the theme music from "The Odd Couple" playing.  

But, we are talking.  We are learning.  We are struggling.  We are laughing.  We are driving.

And, sometimes, we are sleeping.

This life we have chosen is good and we are very fortunate.

I am glad to be in this wonderful orange truck -- and I'm glad to be riding with my buddy Terry.

And, now, as darkness descends, and we enter some more nasty weather here in Ohio, I must end things for now.  

Until next time . . . with miles to go before I sleep . . . keep the wheels rollin' . . .

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Anonymous said...

good luck for both of you and, bon voyage !!!!