Monday, March 17, 2008

One Year Later

One Year Later. This blog celebrates its first anniversary today. I can't believe that it's already been a year that I've been writing here. It has been a good year. I hope that fact has been reflected in the words I've posted here.

The most significant thing that happened since I began this blog is that Terry and I are now driving solo.

I started this blog mostly because I'd been wanting to experiment with writing one for a while, and starting to team with Terry, going back on the road with Schneider, and entering a new phase of my life seemed a good impetus from which to spring. It's still a mostly private affair, with very few regular readers – mostly family, friends, and other truckers.

The blog has evolved from more of a description of places and events to thoughts and ideas – at least, that's how it's seemed from my end.

Whether you have been reading since the beginning or are new to the Lonesome Dove Xpress, welcome. I hope you keep coming back.

On my way to Georgia. I'm currently shut down at a Flying J truck stop (my preference because most of them have tables where you can plug in laptops; most other truck stops require you to sit in the restaurant area in order to use a laptop, if they even have that much access) in Jackson, Mississippi, on my way to Lagrange, Georgia.

I'll get to Atlanta tomorrow sometime, park my truck, go get my rental car, drive to Dallas, pick up my car, drive back to Georgia (stopping to see my friend Billy, if he's feeling better by then), and then enjoying some days with my family. I'll come back on the road on Wednesday, March 26. I'm looking forward to it.

Last time I wrote, I was in Florida, remembering.

From Lakeland, I went up to Alachua, to a Dollar General distribution center, and picked up a load going to Zanesville, Ohio. After picking up my load, I was able to stop in Lake City and have dinner with my friend Van. We were able to go to Texas Roadhouse Grill, which was wonderful mainly because it wasn't a truck stop restaurant.

From Zanesville, I went up to Delaware, just north of Columbus, and picked up a load that took me to The Great State of Texas, to Mount Vernon, in east Texas.

Texas is, by far, my favorite place to go in my truck. I lived in Dallas for almost 9 years in my 20's, and loved living there. I have never stopped loving Texas. There is some almost-ethereal quality about the place, the people that I love. There is an attitude of pride and independence in Texas that I have found nowhere else.

From Mount Vernon, I went up the road about 40 miles to Paris, where I picked up the load I've got now that's going to Lagrange.

I called Billy when I got to Paris yesterday afternoon to see if we could meet for lunch or supper, but he was feeling poorly, so we didn't get to see one another.

I have enjoyed being in generally warmer and clearer weather than I've been in for a while. I've been in some rain, but nothing major.

That's about it for this trip on the Xpress. I mostly wanted to write to mark the first anniversary of the blog.

Thanks for keeping me company on the road.

Until next time . . . keep the wheels rollin' . . .


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