Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Changes: The Lonely Road

A New Season. With equal parts happiness and sadness, I must write words that have been possible for some time, but certain only now: Terry is leaving the road and planting himself firmly in a new chapter of his life in Arkansas with the woman he loves.

So it is that, in about three weeks, what we began as a journey together just over two years ago will be over, and we both move on to different roads once more. In that two years, we have traveled over 420,000 miles, had lots of adventures, laughed a lot, put up with a lot, and learned a lot. Our friendship of almost 25 years is stronger and more mature than ever, and we part with an appreciation of those things we have come to know in one another.

This blog has its genesis in the journey we began together, and, just as when we stopped teaming in December, 2007, until we started again in August, 2008, it will continue in some form as my own journey.

What I will miss most about teaming. I will most miss the conversation, reflection, sharing, and discussions we have every day. We have both come to value and enjoy sharing those times. Over the past two years, we have rarely had a day pass without talking to each other, even when we weren't teaming. Now, our contact will be more measured, less free, of necessity.

I will also miss having someone in the truck with me during those awful winter storms like we were in last December; I will miss having someone who can spot for me during a tough back, or who can help when I'm in a tight situation.

I will miss our shared experiences – going to play pool in a local pub; going to a movie; eating a meal together.

These I will miss, and more.

What I look forward to driving solo again. Sleeping while the truck isn't moving. Being able to listen to books on tape or XM radio again. Having more time to read or use my laptop at night. Being able to bring my Mama on another trip, and maybe others as well.

More roads I love next time. Just as Terry is entering a new season of his life, so my own life has led to a significant fork in the road, some of which I will share here as the months progress.

Until next time . . . keep the wheels rollin' . . . making choices and taking responsibility . . .


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